Labyrinth Stage Productions is proud of being part of the Montreal English theatre community and delighted to be a new member of the Quebec Drama Federation and the English Language Arts Network (ELAN).

How it all began

Labyrinth Stage Productions was founded in 2016 by Claudia Litvak Polachek and Pearl Rothenberg. The goal of Labyrinth is to produce its own original plays and those of other Canadian playwrights. Two years into playwriting, Pearl and Claudia came to the realization that by producing their own plays they could best actualize their dream of seeing their own productions staged. They decided that the symbol of the labyrinth would perfectly represent the psychological and spiritual themes of the plays that they were writing.

The Labyrinth, an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, is a metaphor for life’s journey. It represents a circuitous journey along a meandering and purposeful path to one’s own center and back out again into the world with some degree of personal transformation having taken place in the process.

Several years ago, at a community function, Pearl said to Claudia “I heard that you write and produce plays. I’ve always wanted to write plays. As a psychologist, I have a good ear for dialogue and a rich reservoir of experiences to draw from. I have so many ideas except that I don’t know how to write a play.” Claudia responded, “That’s funny, I know how to write plays but lack original ideas. We ought to get together to collaborate on a play.”

In 2013, a slip on the ice would prove to be the auspicious beginning of a great partnership. Immobilized with a broken ankle, Claudia had nowhere to go. Pearl scheduled 2 hours a week into her therapy schedule for them to write together. Within a year, with two plays in draft form, Pearl decided to retire from her psychology practice. So began Labyrinth Stage Productions.