Call for Auditions
"Daughters of Mile End"

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We will be contacting you by email for an audition time. In the registration form, please specify your preference of date. Sides will be emailed with audition times.
We are also interviewing potential stage managers.

Rehearsals begin in January 2019 (Sunday evenings) at the Segal Centre. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed.

No agents. This is a semi-professional production (exceptions may be made).

The Characters

Young Paula

10-12 years old, deep, intuitive, curious, always questioning, independent. Difficult relationship with her mother, Rebecca. Loving friend to Shoshana. Honest and sensitive. Prizes beauty, yearns for beautiful things.

Young Shoshana

10-12 years old, athletic, tomboy, authentic. Best friend to Paula, sister/caretaker to Tamar. Enjoys quiet, avoids confrontation. Resents the responsibility of having to take care of her younger sister.

Young Tamar

8-10 years old. Younger sister of Shoshana. Loves being with the older girls. Endures a turbulent relationship with her sister. Wants to belong. Sad, insecure, resentful of Shoshana.

Young Elizabeth

10-12 years old. Shirley Temple-like with red hair and ringlets. Very sheltered and protected by her mother. Lacks freedom and security to seek her independence. Compliant to the demands of her mother, Miriam.

Adult Paula

In her late 30s, married with children. A psychologist, contained, intellectual, fashionable, self-assured, independent. Her motto is to understand. Trying to understand her mother and their difficult relationship. Respected and loved by her childhood friends.

Adult Shoshana

In her late 30s, divorced with 2 children. Avoids confrontation, difficult situations. Expresses herself spiritually. Does not like conflict.

Adult Tamar

In her mid 30s, married with children and stepchildren. Difficult relationship with Shoshana continues and Tamar shows her frustration and resentment in a forthright and bitter way. Family is very important to her.

Adult Elizabeth

In her late 30s, married with children. Very traditional. Still living her mother-approved life. Critical and judgemental. More questioning than her younger self.

Older Paula

In her mid 60s. Still stylish, psychological, introspective, confident.

Older Shoshana

In her mid 60s. She has become even more spiritual, a world traveler, still lacks empathy with Tamar.

Older Tamar

In her early 60s. Lives with extensive pain. Conflict with sister continues, still bitter...more adventuresome.

Older Elizabeth

In her mid 60s. Still traditional, more questioning, judgmental, dogmatic.


Early 40s. Mother to Paula. Depressed, bitter. Tells it as she sees it. Traumatized, haunted and secretive.


Early 40s. Mother of Shoshana and Tamar. Attractive, nicely dressed, works at a bakery, confident, ambitious.


Early 40s. Mother of Elizabeth. Overbearing , fearful. Content in her role of wife and mother. Concerned with her status as immigrant. Concerned about how she and her family are perceived. Colourful.