Daughters of Mile End

An original play by Pearl Lottner Rothenberg and Claudia Litvak Polachek, directed by Rachelle Glait.  

More about the play 

With an all-female intergenerational cast, Daughters of Mile End follows four friends, the children of three mothers who are survivors of the Holocaust. Friends since their girlhood in Montreal’s Mile End in the 1950s, their friendship has endured the decades. We encounter the vibrant protagonists as children, as young women in their 30s and as older women in their 60s. We learn how their early experiences and those of their mothers’ have shaped them both positively and negatively throughout their lives.

They are similar and they are different. Their mothers all lived through the Holocaust, but their unique personalities and diverse war experiences have shaped their relationships to their daughters and to the world in very different ways. They react uniquely to being immigrants or displaced persons having to adapt to a new country and learn new customs, new languages, experiences that are still encountered today by immigrants and displaced people seeking refuge in our country. What is universal to their experience is how hard it is to leave the horrors behind.
A series of philosophical and psychological themes are threaded through the play.


Young SHOSHANA (10-12 years old)
Young ELIZABETH (10-12 years old)
Young PAULA (10-12 years old)
Young TAMAR (8 years old)

Adult SHOSHANA (late 30s)
Adult ELIZABETH (late 30s)
Adult PAULA (late 30s)
Adult TAMAR (mid 30s)

Older Adult SHOSHANA (mid 60s) *
Older Adult ELIZABETH (mid 60s)
Older Adult PAULA (mid 60s)
Older Adult TAMAR (early 60s) *

*Note: Shoshana and Tamar are sisters

REBECCA – PAULA’s mother